Inverurie and District Model Flying Club

Providing a safe flying environment for model aeroplane and helicopter enthusiasts

How we provide Instruction to our Members

Our willingness to provide training for new members is why you will find IDMFC the ideal club when it comes to learning to fly R/C model aircraft. We have a group of experienced Instructors who are able to provide instruction most weekends for Fixed Wing and Helicopters.

The club is able to organise instruction for all of its members to all levels of flying, but there are several important issues that you must remember so that the required level of instruction is available to you. IDMFC can provide a consistent and safe training, but the students also play a part to achieving this goal.

The Weather

The weather may not be suitable for your level of ability or your model. It may also be that none of the instructors wish to try and teach a novice in the current conditions. Sometimes the weather may pose too great a risk to your model , or perhaps its simply too cold. Although you may see many experienced pilots at the field in poor conditions, they may not be willing to instruct on a cold or windy day.

Instructor availability

Although we have several approved instructors in the club, they are not always available for tuition. If you wish instruction you should post a request on the forum and normally you will get some response. Try to avoid just turning up at the field without first having made your requirements known. You may find that any of the instructors at the field may already have their time booked, or that there may be no instructors available. Also, its not uncommon for some of our instructors to be at the field, but not available for instruction, they may be having a day off and enjoying their own models. There are no specific instruction days or times, its just a matter of agreeing a time, although earlier rather than later in the day is more suitable.

NOTE: you must be an IDMFC member and logged into the Forum before you can request instruction. That section of the forum will not be available to you otherwise.


If you have agreed to meet your instructor at the field, then you need to make sure that your model is prepared for flight, and this includes batteries being charged. Of course your instructor will show you what needs to be checked over if this is your first visit. If you have yet to go solo with your model, or even just considering your first model, then you are advised to purchase a suitable buddy lead. The Instructors equipment tends to be Futaba, and the purchase of a buddy lead is inexpensive compared to the overall cost of your model.

Type of Model

Your type of model will also have an impact on your training, its best to take advice before choosing your model. If you arrived at the club as a novice with a high wing trainer then you will find that our instructors are keen to get you in the air. On the other hand, if you arrive as a novice with low wing sports plane and no experience then you may find that no one is willing to take on your instruction. Of course any pilot who has already been passed as solo can obtain additional training in aerobatics regardless of model. Remember, discuss your requirements on the forum before arriving at the field.


Helicopters are a different case. These models require careful building and setup, and in the first stages of your tuition will appear very difficult to fly. You should if possible stick to the same instructor when learning to fly your helicopter as he will need to know the setup of your Helicopter as well as he knows his own, and may even be using his own transmitter in the first stages of your training.

It can be several months before you are able to fly solo with your Helicopter, so it is important that you make the best possible use of your time at the field. Although more difficult, flying R/C Helicopters can be very rewarding and are certainly worth the effort involved.